PrJSC "Ternopil quarry" belongs to the leading companies of Ukraine in the limestone market.It  is engaged in the development of limestone deposits with its subsequent processing into construction and other types of materials. The active development of PrJSC "Ternopil quarry" made it possible to increase the annual production capacity to 2.8 million tons of products per year.

  The production is carried out at three quarries in Ternopil region: Galushchyntsi, Maksymivka and Staryi Zbarazh quarries. PrJSC "Ternopil quarry"  makes consistent efforts to implement high-tech methods of limestone mining and processing.They allow increasing quantitative production indicators and ensuring stable quality of finished products. Special attention is paid to the logistics issue - the optimization of the processes of storage, sorting, and shipment ensured a several-fold increase in the daily shipment of products by rail and road transport.

   The products of PrJSC "Ternopil quarry"  are certified and meet all the requirements and standards of Ukraine. The company's partners are the largest enterprises in the metallurgical, sugar, silicate, construction and other industries of the country. Among the limestone processing products produced by the company, high-quality mineral powder is worth noting .It is produced at the modern plant of the Loesche company (Germany) and the Turkish ERSEL plant, the main areas of application of which are the road construction and the production of dry construction mixes. The most valuable resource of PrJSC "Ternopil quarry" is a team of qualified and responsible specialists who ensure the satisfaction of the requirements and needs of the company's partners.

   PrJSC "Ternopil quarry” understands the importance of personnel development as a necessary component of the company's sustainable success. The implementation of progressive programs of development and motivation of the company's employees have become a traditional practice at the enterprise.

2,8 million. tons
of stone extraction per year


As a company, we work to contribute with our products in combination with our knowledge to the development and satisfaction of the needs of such budget-generating industries as metallurgy, sugar production, road construction, glass production.

We strive to perform our work with quality and inspiration, so that our clients, society and employees receive a charge of positivity in any situation and perceive us as a reliable partner.

VISION 2022:

  • PrJSC "Ternopil quarry”  is the largest Ukrainian limestone mining and processing company, integrated into the global limestone ecosystem
  • The company is a recognized expert in limestone production technologies and its processing products. It constantly researches the novelties of the world lime ecosystem market and implements appropriate inventions in its own production. The company has an influence on the legislative field and the creation of new standards for working with limestone in Ukraine
  • In terms of management quality, we are a business model and the best employer among limestone mining and processing companies.
  • By nature of our ownership, the company remains family-owned with the possibility of attracting strategic partners for the further development.
  • As a result of the synergy of key characteristics, we remain an attractive investment object for a long-term investment.


Entrepreneurship. We use market possibilites and team initiative to synergize development solutions. We are looking for something new in order to increase the capitalization of the business.

Development. We invest into the professional and personal development of employees, encourage self-study and the acquisition of management experience in real production conditions.

Operational efficiency. We apply the best global approaches (for example, Lean, Kaizen, TOC) and their tools to reduce losses in production and management processes and to increase product margins.

Quality. We consciously have the highest quality products on the market as a competitive advantage. We consider quality as a sign of professional management.

Transparency. We build transparent management processes at all levels of the company in order to increase management efficiency and investment attractiveness of the company.

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We make consistent efforts to implement high-tech methods of extraction and processing of limestone, which allow to increase the quantitative indicators of production and ensure stable quality of finished products.