Enterprises use limestone as a flux in the metallurgical industry. Limestone is used for the production of lime, which is a flux for steelmaking and ferroalloy production, as well as in the charge of hearth furnaces in lump form.
Limestone products during melting form a protective layer of slag on the steel surface. This reduces heat loss and saves energy.

Below are the products used by the sugar industry

Products for metallurgy

Fraction 20 – 40 (20-50), mm
Fraction 40 – 80 (50-80), mm
Fraction 80 – 120, mm

Limestone is considered indispensable in the process of sugar production. It is used to purify beetroot juice of various impurities.
Limestone also plays a major role in the clarification process of the final product.
Technological limestone is used in the sugar industry .High-quality lime is obtained from it. To purify sugar, the previously obtained solution is passed through carbon dioxide, which is released during burning. At the same time, a purified sugar solution is formed at the output, from which high-grade sugar is made. The saturated sediment remaining after the end of the production cycle can be used in agriculture as a mineral fertilizer (carbocalc or saturated limestone).

The main products requirements regulated by the standards:

Products for the sugar industry

Fraction 40 – 80 (50-80), mm
Fraction 80 – 120, mm

For animals and poultry

It is an indispensable feed additive that contributes to the correct formation of the skeleton and bones, teeth development and strengthening, increases the strength of the shell of poultry eggs, improves metabolism and the condition of the reproductive system of farm animals.

The use of limestone flour guarantees:
- High quality of eggshells.
- Normal growth of bone tissue of animals and poultry.
- Protection of poultry from gastrointestinal disorders.
- Strengthening immunity to infectious diseases.
- Stimulates egg laying in birds.
- Increases milk productivity in cattle.
- Improves the metabolism and state of the reproductive system of farm animals.

Fraction 1-3, mm
Fraction 0-3, mm

Soil deoxidation GRANTER

Granular limestone GRANTER is used for quick deoxidation of the soil and increasing of calcium concentration. The last protects plants from the toxic effect of heavy metals, improves NPK assimilation, circulation of hydrocarbons and most trace elements.

Our GRANTER product has an official confirmation that granulated limestone is approved for the usage in organic agriculture according to the Standard of the International Accredited Certification Bodies for Organic Production and Processing, which is equivalent to the European Union Regulations No. 834/2007 and No. 889/2008.

«Organic Standard» LLC issued the confirmation. It is the only Ukrainian organic production certification body recognized in Europe.
Therefore, you can be sure that our products will allow you to solve the issue of increasing the fertility of your soils and improving the quality indicators of products by up to 30% in compliance with all the conditions of organic farming.

The main requirements for products are regulated by standards:

ДСТУ 74462013 Технічні умови Міліоранти вапнякові.

Water basins cleaning

Limestone flour of natural origin is used to clean water basins and their bottoms from the excess organic substances, harmful inorganic chemical compounds and elements, as well as to control and regulate the chemical and biological balance of water basins.

The project "Reservoir Sanitation" aims to present and scientifically substantiate the reliability and safety of methods and means, namely the usage of limestone ameliorants of natural origin in order to clean water basins from excess organic substances, harmful inorganic chemical compounds and elements, as well as to control and regulate the chemical and biological balance of water basins.

Mineral powder
Granular limestone

Limestone is sold in the form of crushed stone, stone (rubble, piece or artificial), limestone flour, facing plates, sand or mineral wool.
Suitable for the following types of work:
- Preparation of solutions, cement, lime;
- Base for basement floors, building facades;
- Decoration of walls, fireplaces, stairs, balconies;
- Creation of decorative columns;
- As embankments during the construction of roads or an additional component of road routes with a light load;
- Production of door structures;
- Design of bathrooms;
- Landscape design – decorative paving of paths and flowerbeds, lining of artificial ponds.
Porous limestone is often used in hydraulic structures to install filtration systems.

Нижче представлена продукція, яку використовує цукрова галузь


Mineral flour is used in road construction works. It is the material made from crushed rocks of carbonate origin, which is used to prepare asphalt concrete mixtures. In addition, ordinary crushed stone of various fractions is used.

Mineral powder is used as an additive for cement, as well as in the creation of asphalt coatings. As a result, the asphalt mass becomes stronger and more wear-resistant. Asphalt becomes denser. The amount of product added to asphalt mixtures is clearly regulated.
The minpowder helps to give asphalt concrete additional properties:
- mechanical strength;
- high viscosity and structure;
- plasticity and elasticity;
- ability to elastic and plastic deformations;
- budgetary efficiency in production.

Such properties significantly improve the characteristics and service life of the road surface.

Products for the construction industry

Mineral powder
Fraction 5 – 20, mm
Fraction 20 – 40 (20-50), mm
Fraction 40 – 80 (50-80), mm
Crushed stone, fraction 150 mm+

Limestone (CaС03) is one of the main raw materials in glass production technology.

Limestone is used for the introduction of calcium oxide, which contributes to the boiling of the glass mass and gives the glass chemical resistance. Limestone disintegrates with the release of calcium oxide at temperatures above 700°C.

Due to the low content of Fe2O3 in the range of 0.1-0.3% in the limestone found in our deposits, as well as in its selective selection based on chemical and physical properties, limestone is used for the production of "flint" glass, as well as for the production of colored glass (green, brown and others).

Products for glass production

Fraction 20 – 40 (20-50), mm
Fraction 40 – 80 (50-80), mm

For the private owner

We offer such products of PrJSC "Ternopil quarry" to the private owner as: crushed stone, rubble stone, screenings. The production is carried out at three quarries in Ternopil region: Galushchyntsi, Maksymivka and Staryi Zbarazh quarries. The staff of PrJSC "Ternopil quarry» are qualified and responsible specialists who ensure the satisfaction of the requirements and needs of the company's partners.

Granter takes care of soil health

Granular limestone flour Granter is calcium carbonate, which is a critical component of plant nutrition: it improves soil structure, reduces acidity, makes it friable, and stimulates the development of beneficial soil microorganisms, especially those bacteria that enrich the soil with nitrogen.

Granulated limestone flour of PrJSC "Ternopil quarry" is convenient for applying to the soil with standard fertilizer spreaders and that is why it is an ideal solution for soil liming.

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